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F   L   U   I   D
sustainable solutions & services 

On the service side, we work behind the scenes and assist on projects towards LEED certification. Taking a comprehensive, integrative approach to problem-solving, we help clients think through energy contingencies in order to maximize savings and efficiencies during a building's lifespan so returns on investment can be achieved in shorter timeframes with beautiful results.

On the solutions side, we offer a curated selection of innovative solutions that we absolutely love! BIPV solutions that help projects achieve zero net energy (ZNE). Modular vertical gardens and roof gardens based on sacred geometry principles. Custom decorative tile that ooze deliciousness. Art inspired hand-tufted custom silk and wool rugs.  And, finally, we bring that quintessential Italian design to your door. Solutions are tailored for each project, and we assist throughout the specification process. We encourage you to discover the lines we represent (click on the images) and let us know what you think!







Horticultural solutions - including green, living and art walls - for commercial spaces, taking into consideration natural and artificial illumination, traffic patterns, aesthetics and budgets with the overall goal of improving interior air quality and meeting sustainability requirements.

Our architectural and design team excels at developing innovative solutions to challenging problems. Nature-inspired solutions range from the simple and obvious to custom, site-specific prototypes which address regional issues and exceed industry standards to push the sustainable envelope.

Green building consulting and audit services to ensure projects meet LEED requirements and achieve certification. Designs for new construction and renovations as well as maintenance and operational processes are subject to BIM simulation and analysis for optimal energy efficiency and sustainable design.





Classic, modern furnishings and lighting for interior and exterior environments. Manufactured entirely in Italy by master craftsmen who use only quality materials and sustainable best practices for the new ecological agenda. Offerings consist of several lines. We are very excited and know you will be, too! Country of origin: Italy
Stylish Italian clay and stone tile in innovative formats for unique, elegant interiors. Each tile is meticulously handcrafted, cut and designed to create memorable interiors. Collections include 3D motifs, custom patterns, gilded and bejeweled options. Country of origin: Italy
Turn a roof, window or a building's facade into a complete, multi-functional, high performing, solar energy power plant. BIPVs such as canopies, curtain walls, brise soleils, ventilated façades, skylights, walkable tiles are available now. Infinite combinations of PV glass are possible by choosing color, pattern, transparency degree, thickness and size. Standard and custom sizes available. Country of origin: Spain





Green roof and vertical garden systems to reduce heat island effects, energy costs and storm water run-off. These are modular, easily installable solutions that harvest and filtrate water to secure, protect and manage a diminishing, but vital natural resource. Plus, stylish, resin and stainless steel planters and grills suitable for commercial applications.
Here is a free resource to stay on top of your building's energy consumption. Increase energy efficiencies with intelligent, transparent cloud-base software solutions which display real-time data and consumption levels. This is a great catalyst for engaging everyone and changing behaviors.
High end, hand tufted rugs. Pick from a vast collection or create a custom design. In addition to beautifying spaces with sustainably harvested natural materials, each piece speaks to the economic empowerment that time-honored craftsmanship skills import to artisans, their families and communities. It is a win-win scenario! Country of origin: India