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Renewable Energy

o   PVs: A Competitive Electricity Source in EU by 2020 - Sep 2011
o  Novartis Pharmaceuticals Installs BIPV Skylights - Sep 2013
o   IBM: Consumers Desperately Need Energy Education - Aug 2011
o  Reward for Turning Waste Water into a Resource - Aug 2011
o  WRI's Initiative to Measure Global Water Risk - Aug 2011
o  UrbanTiles: A Solar & OLED Innovation for Facades! - Sept 2011
o  Solar Ivy: Flexible Modular Leaf-like Hybrid System - July 2011
o  Creating Greater Efficiencies to the (Sapphire) Wire - Sept 2011
o  Thinnest Superconducting Metal Surface Created - Sept 2011
o  Harnessing Ambient Energy into Electric Power - Aug 2007
o  300 Years of Fossil Fuels in 300 Seconds (video) - Nov 2010
o  Austria's Parking Meters with EV Charging Stations - Sept 2011
Sustainable Building
o   Green Roofs Are Good For People Too - April 2015
o   How to Build a Greener City - Sept 2011
o  Japan's Konoha Mall: An Eco-Leisure Destination - April 2011
o  Harvard University's Green Building Case Studies - Ongoing
o  Harvard University Earns its 50th LEED Certification - Aug 2011
o  Cushman & Wakefield Strike LEED Gold in Wash DC - Jul 2011
o  Private Sector Impact: Environment & Economy - Feb 2011
o  10,000th LEED Building Certified - Sept 2011
o   Virgin's Spaceport in NM Achieves LEED Gold - Oct 2011
o  Copenhagen: 1st Carbon Neutral Capital by 2025 - June 2010
o  Transforming Old Power Plants into Green Spaces - Sept 2011
o  Sydney's Most Ecological High Rise Office Building - Sept 2011
o  South Korea's Eco-City: The Songdo Int'l Business District
o  Abu Dhabi's Ambitious Eco-City:  Masdar City
o  Sole Park & Spa Uses Nature to Heal - Aug 2011
o  Bridges Made of Recycled Plastic! (PDF)  
A LEED Gold Exhibit: The 9/11 Memorial Museum - Sept 2011 
o  San Francisco Airport Museum achieves LEED Gold - April 2011

The New Buildings Institute tracks and publishes insightful reports on zero net energy (ZNE) structures emerging in the USA. We highly encourage you to visit their site and report your ZNE projects. 

 Clean Water with Bioremediation and Nanofiltration - Feb 2008
Seaweed Cleans Up - July 2004
Yellowstone Microbe Cleans Up Wastewater - Oct 2004
Urban Remediation via Landscape and Architecture (I) - Nov 2008
Urban Remediation via Landscape and Architecture (II) - Nov 2008

Mexico's First LEED Platinum Building Features Light - Feb 2012 
o  75-Storey Tower Features 30-Storey 'Lung' & Daylighting - 2012 
o  A Chilean Library Awashed with Daylighting - 2012
o  Problems of Transparent Facades (pdf) - 2007
Vertical Shades and Indoor Daylight Quality (pdf) - 2007
A Cost Effective Core Daylighting System (pdf) - 2008
Enriching Lives with Landscaping and Daylighting - 2005
Daylighting for Deep Interiors - Sept 2008
Sunny Outlook for Effective Healthcare - Sept 2011
A Brilliant Idea: Daylighting with Sunlight and Water - Sept 2011
The Healing Power of Daylighting in Healthcare Facilities - Sept 2011
Clever Daylighting Techniques in a Mental Health Facility - Sept 2011
Daylighting with External Shade Systems - Oct 2011

Interior / Exterior Landscaping
o  North America's Largest Biowall Installation - Jan 2012  
o  How and Why Indoor Potted Plants Clean Air (pdf) - Mar 2005
Human Issues in Horticulture (pdf) - June 1992
Health Benefits of Including Nature in Hospitals (pdf) - 2001
Improving Indoor Environment Leads to Benefits (pdf) - Apr 2003
o  A Gorgeous Green Roof for a Hospital - Aug 2011
o  Benefits & Challenges of Green Roofs Report - May 2011