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pushing design. . .sustainably. 

sp. hydrangea arborescens

For this hydrangea to survive, a nurturing and calibrated environment is necessary - where a delicate balance between illumination, temperature and humidity levels, a rich medium with nutrients, clean water and a sacred respect for its place in the world exist.

So why should we and our buildings sit in isolation? Buildings and spaces should also integrate harmoniously with the environment and become more cooperative, organic participants in a sustainable system. This requires, however, a willingness to perceive and understand integrated systems within an holistic context, where previously invisible or taken-for-granted processes are sought and embraced for developing strategies or re-designing buildings and spaces with lesser impacts on the environment.

We are currently reaping 100 years worth of problems that were sown with faulty, misguided logic. Let us now sow a beautifully sustainable future to ensure our hydrangea's survival going forward.