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F   L   U   I   D
what we love to do


Q: Does F L U I D sell flowers?
A: No, we do not sell flowers. We do, however, create sustainable footprints for buildings and improve the environmental quality of interiors for its occupants (and plants). The intelligent, integrated design which supports the growth and existence of, for example, a beautiful, healthy hydrangea is a metaphor for seeking similarly intelligent, integrated solutions for buildings - optimizing them as healthy, livable sites without negative impacts on the environment or humans during the lifecycle of its use.

Q: Is F L U I D a design firm?
A: Yes. We practice good design principles, whether we are acting in a lead capacity or collaborating in a supporting role. We commit to sustainability best practices and study existing conditions by reviewing deficiencies to recommend site improvements relative to LEED standards, client needs, and design simulations. We address and provide you with options for. . .

    o  obtaining energy efficiencies
    o  qualifying for financial incentives
    o  acquiring innovative solutions
    o  improving indoor air quality levels
    o  implementing renewable energy solutions
    o  steering clear of volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
    o  reducing CO2 and greenhouse gas emissions

. . . all within the context of improving the human experience in buildings and integrating your space seamlessly, beautifully and benevolently with the environment.

Q. Is F L U I D a manufacturer rep agency?
A. Yes. We appreciate well made, innovative solutions and do tons of research before standing behind them. We are trained in production methods and love learning about the technical traits for each solution. This puts us in a perfection position to educate clients on their benefits and merits for projects.

Q. What if my project is out of town? 
A. Not a problem! We follow our clients wherever their projects are.

Q. How does F L U I D charge for design services?
A. We work on a flat fee per project basis. We respect budgets because we understand every project is an investment. 
Q. Can the solutions be used in both new construction and existing projects?
A. Yes. We provide guidance at every step for a smooth implementation. For existing sites, we help clients through thoughtful incremental changes which are painless on budgets, easy to implement and immediate on results. For new sites, we help clients start on the right foot to ensure the long-term success of a sustainability implementation.

We welcome other questions you may have and look forward serving you!


                                                        Violeta Archer, LEED GA

some history

was born in Austin, Texas on January 2004 to fill a gap in the interior finishes space and promote sustainable design practices. A small showroom located at Backdoor To The Trade, designed with the exemplary products it showcased and backed by ambient lounge music, set a new standard and elevated the "sourcing" experience for the architectural and design community.

We introduced LEED-compliant solutions and demonstrated that green design is beautiful, that recycled materials are just as good, if not better, than those minted from fossil-based or non-renewable materials. With an eye on the international scene for innovative product development, materials and products (gems, really) were carefully chosen to create a unique resource portfolio worthy of any designer's black book.

We introduced and launched these treasures in Texas; we educated clients and groups on their sustainable merits, economic viability and technical characteristics to help usher in a new, transformative consciousness. . .one characterized by a greater sensibility and responsibility towards our planet when designing spaces and meeting design challenges. Several years later, we are happy to see our clients and others embrace sustainable design practices with commitment, enthusiasm, and dedication.

F L U I D now brings this same curated sensibility with links to Italy - the mecca of design. There is opportunity for creating parity between sustainable design and aesthetic design. We now dare push the envelope further by offering materials and solutions which defy conventional processes and derive their inspiration from nature.

This is biomimicry - nature-inspired design - and it is the next step in the evolution of design with an emphasis on regenerative processes and renewable resources. We are excited about the sublime technology and intelligence inherent in these new solutions and look forward to educating you on their merits, assisting you throughout the specification process as well as calculating carbon footprints, energy efficiencies and lifecycle costs to meet your sustainability and LEED certification goals.
As you review the revised portfolio and supporting documentation, we hope to inspire integrative and regenerative approaches for your next design projects.

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